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A new enterprise dedicated to helping the world migrate to sustainable culture. Let our Team point you toward the best solutions to your energy requirements. To get started, know your energy usage, start a budget, learn your climate. Here is a weather station demo; in addition to real-time data and an accurate forcast, it helps us to identify potential sites for wind turbines. We can install your own weather device (ask me how!) or check your local statistics for general information about your area.

Wind Turbine and Solar Cell technology is rapidly improving. As this new market grows and matures, investments in this technology will benefit consumers and businesses who take advantage. Reaping the rewards of adapting this technology is now more common; leaders are moving and the world will follow.

Electronic Power Assisted bikes are here! Experience the bionic sensation of the BionX EPA bicycle system, take a demo today at GreenSceneEnergy.


BionX Arrives in Nebraska!

if you live in Nebraska or Kansas or Missouri and are interested in greening up your home or local economy there are several options.


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