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Once you start researching the purchase of an alternative energy device you will quickly find that conservation is the companion to energy generation, and the time to start your conservation habit is Now.

We're all in this together, so

Here's some things to make life comfortable in sustainable ways:

•An Analysis of your home Energy Usage is critical. Understanding your habits can show where effective changes can be made to reduce your overall consumption.

Wind, and Solar surveys are available to assess potential on-site generation systems. Make your own power!

• Local utilities have off-peak pricing; if they have this where you are USE IT! Run your energy-intense appliances during hours of low municipal demand. You will save money.

•Adapt to your environmental conditions. If you live in a hot dry climate, use a clothesline instead of a dryer. If it's cold, vent your dryer through a water filter, keeping the heat inside. When it cools off at night, run a whole-house fan.

• Consider technology a good hedge against rising prices, especially if you are determined to produce most of your energy. If you are planning to reshingle your home, wait a bit: Solar Shingles are almost on the market. Single-home sized wind turbines are available now. Methane digesters extract fuel from human and animal waste. Geo-thermal systems and High Thermal Mass construction take advantage of heat already at your location.

• Integrating old and new technology is one way to green up that is sustainable. Much of our acumulated human technology is brilliant in its simplicity. When you purchase a device consider its simplicity. Does it use physics to its advantage, or lose efficiency through noise or heat? Does it require inputs that must be purchased, or leave waste of some kind? How easily is it maintained? If it should become unusable, how does one recycle/dispose of it?

Ventilation is integral to comfort, providing fresh air and temperature control. Thoughtful ventilation practices can reduce cooling costs and improve air quality.

Water requires conservative habits too. Rain collection, greywater, and purification systems give you more control over supply and quality.


enhance your home and your community with a new green commitment. Spend a little effort and money to make your home more energy efficient. you will be comfortable while supporting our 'new green economy'. New green products are coming online everyday. new companies with new technologies are being driven by this new green economy, moving forward with or without government help. we know China has a major commitment to greening up their economy. many countries used reuse recycle because of economic nessesity long before we started.

moving forward is a commitment we get to renew every day. Contact Us with questions about sustainable living.